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Interactive tractography segmentation tool


Short description: Spaghetti is a new interactive tool for human brain tractography segmentation. It supports neuroanatomists and medical doctors in their study of white matter anatomical structures from diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) data. Unlike previous systems for tractography segmentation, this is a computer-assisted tool in which the user interacts with a summary of the tractography instead of the whole set of streamlines. The summary is generated by clustering the tractography into a desired number of clusters, usually in the order of tens or one hundred. The summary shows only one representative streamline for each cluster, so that it is easier to interact with them in the 3D scene. The user can then iteratively select the representative streamlines of interest and re-cluster the associated sets or streamlines into smaller ones in order to incrementally reveal details of the anatomical structure of interest. The interaction is powered by novel efficient algorithms for fast clustering. Spaghetti is written in Python language and it supports the TrackVis format and the DiPy format for tractography files.

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