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Brain Mapping

Alexandre Gramfort is currently assistant professor at Telecom ParisTech. His research interests include mathematical modeling and the computational aspects of brain imaging (MEG, EEG, fMRI, dMRI). He is generally interested in biomedical signal and image processing with the methods of scientific computing, data mining and machine learning.

Vittorio Iacovella joins NILab. Research on computational methods for multivariate/model-free brain mapping of longitudinal studies, i.e. subsequent recordings.

Malin Björnsdotter is working on random subsampling method for brain mapping. She will present us the work published on Neuroimage Journal 'A Montecarlo method for locally multivariate brain mapping'.

Diego Sona gave the following talk at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2010) that held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 07-09 September 2010: 'Multivariate Brain Mapping by Random Subsampling'.