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NeuroBox is a collection of several pieces of code acting as plugins of Owncloud software, in order to remotely manage scripts for data analysis, job instantiation and queue management on high performance computing services. It is written in PHP and it can be used as an OwnCloud "app", from OwnCloud web interface. NeuroBox plugin reads the content of synchronised directories and organize it in abstract elements called studies. Studies are shown within a web interface which acts like a graphical frontend to queuing systems for parallel computing. Through NeuroBox plugin screen executables for data analysis can be easily managed and modified. Standalone instantiations of executables can be created as parallel computing jobs and statuses (standard output, queue information) of the running queues can be monitored in real time through the interface. Plugin includes also an administration screen, restricted to neurocloud administrators, to manage new users, monitor storage space and parallel computing grid usage and fix potentially harmful situations.

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Neuro- and medical- imaging everyday research routines. Data Management, data analysis, job instantiations on high performance computing services.

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