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Doctoral School Day is a yearly event organized by CIMEC UNITN. It provides a platform for the doctoral students to share their research. At the poster session, Mostafa Seyed Kia presented a poster entitled "Reading Your Thoughts: Science or Science Fiction?" The poster presented by Bao Thien Nguyen had the title "Tractography Mapping".


The Summer School on Advanced Scientific Programming in Python is a yearly event. This year it was organized in Split, Croatia, in collaboration with the University of Split.
Admission to the School is highly competitive, and the acceptance rate is 17%.


At the International Conference on Biomagnetism, Halifax (Canada), Emanuele Olivetti assigned the prizes of DecMeg2014 (Biomag2014, data analysis competition 1) during the awards ceremony. The ceremony concluded the competition that ran from April 21st to July 27th, 2014.The first prize was assigned to Dr.Alexadre Barachant, that applied concepts of information geometry and transfer learning for the data classification.


Elena Kalinina attended the Summer School on Advanced Topics in Machine Learning at Denmark Technical University (DTU), Copenhagen. The course was organized at the Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute. Lectures were given by invited speakers and staff at the Section for Cognitive Systems.


The Causality Competition Causal2014 was organized in conjunction with the conference Biomag2014 and it aimed to promote research in the field of inferring causality among MEG time series. The team developed their solution by looking at the problem as a classification task. Thus, after the definition of a proper feature space, a classifier was trained to infer the causality structure within each trial of the competition data set.


Emanuele Olivetti presented a the poster "Brain decoding across subjects" at the International Conference on Biomagnetism, Halifax (CA), addressing the problem of inter-subject differences during brain decoding. There, problem was formulated within the transfer learning framework and specifically as a transductive transfer learning problem. A preliminary solution in terms of covariate shift and stacked generalisation was provided, showing that the problem is complex and that there is room for substantial improvements.


Andrea Bertana has been awarded a PhD grant in Visual Computation Lab led by Janneke Jehee at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University (Holland). He will be studying the neural mechanisms of top-down attention and perceptual learning in both healthy subjects and patients. In particular, he will focus on the role of Lateral Geniculus Nucleus (LGN) in vision.


Sandro Vega Pons attended the International Summer School on Complex Networks that was held in the Bertinoro Residential Centre of the University of Bologna from July 14th to July 18th. The aim of the summer school was to provide an overview of both the foundations and state of the art in the field of Complex Networks. Lectures were presented by intellectual leaders in the field, and there were opportunities to interact closely with them during the school.


On July 17th, Marta Ellero successfully defended her Master in Cognitive Science thesis entitled "Inference with Pattern Classifiers in Neuroimaging Experiments". The focus of her thesis was methodological analysis of classifier use in brain decoding.


On July 17th, Andrea Bertana successfully defended his Master in Cognitive Science thesis entitled "A methodological study: Hyperalignment". In the thesis, he explored some methodological aspects of hyperalignment, the method proposed to normalize the brains of multiple subjects in group studies to the same space.