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From 23 to 26 April the Neurosurgery Unit of S.Chiara Hospital, Trento organized a course on brain connectivity. The course covered both theoretical questions and practical applications for the study of functional and anatomical connectivity. Two concurrent "hands on" sessions on brain dissection, a real one and a virtual one, were offered within the course. NILab supported the virtual dissection by providing Tractome - software for brain tractography.


Diego Sona with his group at the Italian Institute of technology published a paper entitled "Kernel-based classification for brain connectivity graphs on the Riemannian manifold of positive definite matrices" in the proceedings of the International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2015).


ICT Days is an event dedicated to the broad subject of Information and Communication Technology, promoted by the University of Trento's Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI). It took place from 18th to 20th March at DISI. In the Passion for ICT session, 200 seconds were given to each of the best PhD and thesis presenters in the ICT sector to present their projects to the companies. Elena Kalinina presented a poster entitled "Adaptive Protocols for real-time fMRI".


Vittorio Iacovella participated in FBK Mobility Programme 2014 (FMP2014) by submitting the project: "Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of naturalistic stimuli: standard pipelines for analysis", in collaboration with Psychoinformatics Lab - Otto Von Guericke University (Magdeburg, DE). He spent 3 months (March - May 2015) as a visiting postdoc in Magdeburg.


Sandro vega Pons and Paolo Avesani published a paper entitled "On pruning the search space for clustering ensemble problems" in the February issue of Neurocomputing.


At the MLINI workshop, Paolo Avesani presented joint work by M. Kia, E. Olivetti, S. Vega Pons and P. Avesani in a poster entitled "Multi-Task Learning for Interpretation of Brain Decoding Models".


At the MLINI Workshop, Paolo Avesani gave a talk entitled "Mapping Tractography Across Subjects". The talk presents the results of joint work of Bao Nguyen, Emanuele Olivetti and Paolo Avesani.


At the MLINI workshop, Paolo Avesani presented joint work by D. Benozzo, E. Olivetti and P. Avesani in a poster entitled "Classification-based Causality Detection in Time Series".


Joani Mitro joins NILab as the new PhD student of the XXX cycle of ICT School.


Sandro Vega Pons's paper entitled "On Pruning the Search Space for Clustering Ensemble Problems" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Neurocomputing. In the paper, the authors propose improvements to clustering algorithms. The journal publishes theoretical contributions aimed at further understanding of neural networks and learning systems.