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Seyed Mostafa Kia and Andrea Bertana present posters at CAOS 2014

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Saturday, 10 May, 2014

"Concepts, Actions and Objects (CAOS)" is an annual workshop, organized by Mind and Brain Center in Rovereto. At the workshop, Mostafa Seyed Kia presented a poster entitled "Hierarchical Multivariate Hypothesis Testing Provides More Sensitivity in MEEG Data Analysis". Andrea Bertana also participated in the poster session of the workshop. His poster was entitled "Assessing functional hyperaligment of FMRI data through different sample sizes and cognitive tasks".

In his presentation Kia proposed a new method for multivariate analysis of MEEG data, Hierarchical Multivariate Hypothesis Testing (HMHT), and evaluated its benefits in comparison with the common univariate methods. Bertana presented the results of the tests conducted with the data of the Human Connectome project. The goal of tests was characterizing the performance of functional hyperalignment in a variety of different tasks, different brain regions and with the varying number of the subjects' sample.