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Sandro Vega Pons: paper published in the Neurocomputing journal

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Monday, 2 February, 2015

Sandro vega Pons and Paolo Avesani published a paper entitled "On pruning the search space for clustering ensemble problems" in the February issue of Neurocomputing. 

Clustering ensemble has become a very popular technique in the past few years due to its potentialities for improving the clustering results. Roughly speaking it consists in the combination of different partitions of the same set of objects in order to obtain a consensus one. A common way of defining the consensus partition is as the solution of the median partition problem. In this way, the consensus partition is defined as the solution of a complex optimization problem. The authors propose to study possible prunes of the search space for this optimization problem. They introduce a new prune that allows a dramatic reduction of the search space. They also provide a characterization of the family of dissimilarity measures that can be used to take advantage of this prune and they present two measures that fit into this family. An experimental study eas carried out on synthetic data by comparing, under different circumstances, the size of the original search space and the size after the proposed prunes. Outstanding reductions were obtained, which can be beneficial for the development of clustering ensemble algorithms. the authors also compare, on real data, the behavior of a simulated annealing-based ensemble algorithm in the original partition space and in the two proposed pruned spaces. In all cases, the proposed prunes allow the algorithm to find solutions closer to the theoretical optimum.