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Amira Chekir joins NILab for an internship

News date: 
Monday, 9 November, 2015

Amira Chekir is a PhD student in computer science, her work focuses on Diffusion MRI,Tractography, White Mater clustering and brain connectivity. She obtained her Master  in Computer Science in 2011  from the University of Science and Technology of Algeria (USTHB). Her activity as an intern within NILab is centered on brain tractography based on dMRI data.

Her research activity during the internship with NILab will be concentrated on two scientific questions: 

  • the virtual dissection of tracts from tractograms is a manual and time-consuming task that requires experts neuroanatomists; in the meanwhile the computational methods to obtain tractograms from dMRI data, i.e. reconstruction+tracking, are evolving fast; how much of the dissected tracts from tractograms computed with a given method of reconstruction/tracking may be transferred to tractograms computed with other state of the art methods?
  • recent methods of tractogram alignment allow to compute the corresponding streamlines of two tracts belonging to two different tractograms; one by-product of this computation is the information on the mismatched streamlines; how this information can be used to investigate the differences between the two tracts?