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Alexandre Gramfort visits NILab.

News date: 
Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

The visit aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Training on Python tools: MNE and Scikitlearn
  2. To encode pipelines of analysis for MEG brain decoding
  • 08.10.13
Morning   10-12: Introduction to Python
Afternoon 14-16: Introduction to NumPy
  • 09.10.13
Morning   10-12: Introduction to machine learning with Scikit-Learn
Afternoon 14-16: Hands-on session on MEG data 
  • 10.10.13
Morning   10-12: Introduction to MNE and mne-python
Afternoon 14-16: Hands-on session on MEG data (sensor space data analysis and preprocessing + source estimation)
  • 11.10.13
Morning   10-12: Talk about Alexandre's research activity (MEG/EEG inverse modelling)
Location: PC lab, Mattarello.