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Vittorio Iacovella

Short bio

Vittorio Iacovella is part of the NILab since 2012. He is currently involved in "ATTEND" project (Characterizing and improving brain mechanisms of attention). His main role is to characterize reoccurring patterns of brain activity coming from different participants or different sessions, using FMRI.
In the past, he got his master degree in Physics at Sapienza - The University of Rome (Italy) in 2008, with a FMRI study of brain functional connectivity at rest and in response to cognitive tasks. He then moved to the University of Trento (Italy), where he got a PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences in 2012, discussing a thesis about directional relationships between BOLD activity and autonomic nervous system fluctuations revealed by fast fMRI acquisition.

Research interests
FMRI between-participants classification longitudinal studies autonomic activity cloud computing
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