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Neurocloud Project, Presentation to APSS

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Friday, 8 November, 2013

During the meeting it was first presented an overview of the problem by describing the development of a clinical research study. The problem of how to export and analyze the data, and how to recollect and discuss the results from outside the medical structure was discussed as one of the main issues in clinical research frameworks. This was also one of the motivations of the Neurocloud project.
A practical demonstration of a standard Neurocloud user session was then illustrated, including: data synchronization, pipeline customization and job instantiation.
Results produced on FBK high-performance computing services were then collected and visualized on-the-fly.
Final discussion focused on both the interpretation of results and Neurocloud features. Among the other things, physicians gave feedback on pipeline readability and portability. Finally, the possibility of sending back results to medical structure official archiving system (PACS) was pointed out as a still open and potentially interesting issue.