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Elena Kalinina attends Summer School on Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

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Sunday, 7 September, 2014

The summer school on Advanced Scientific Programming in Python Summer School is a yearly event. In this year it was organized in Split, Croatia, in collaboration with the University of Split. Admission to the School is highly competitive, and the acceptance rate is 17%.

The course presented a selection of advanced programming techniques, incorporating theoretical lectures and practical exercises tailored to the needs of a programming scientist. New skills are tested in a real programming project: the participants team up to develop an entertaining scientific computer game.

Python works great in scientific simulations and data analysis. During the course, it was shown how clean language design, ease of extensibility, and the great wealth of open source libraries for scientific computing and data visualization are driving Python to become a standard tool for the programming scientist. This school is targeted at Master or PhD students and Post-docs from all areas of science.